Is it really magic if you're dreaming?


have you ever been in the dark world?


They call it dark for a reason, you know…

witch mado! how are you!? um.. where is your favorite place to fly to. And if you could take anyone with you, would it be monoko,poniko,masada,monoe or shitai san?


I’ve been doing just fine, thank you! It’s been a bit warm lately though, so I haven’t been using this effect much…the dress is rather warm itself!

I prefer the neon area myself! The colors are nice.

Who would I take with me? Ahh, probably Monoe! It’s definitely a touch choice…

Witch Madotsuki, have you ever been to the Mall?


What’s a “mall”?

Have you ever fallen off your broom before?


A-absolutely not! What kind of amateur do you take me for…?

…Okay, maybe once…

B-but only once, okay!! I-I’m not clumsy o-or anything!!

What are your powers, and what are some of the things you like to do with those powers?



Unfortunately all I can do is fly at the moment. Madotsuki is incapable of using my power to its proper extent…

What's up with cat? o v o


Cat has…well, she’s gotten smaller, I think? Something tells me the change Madotsuki went through wasn’t quite this drastic…of course, this could be what Cat looks like without Madotsuki as well; I’m not entirely sure…

Dec 9

(ah really, no questions at all?)

(I have a song stuck in my head…)

Do other effects do anything to you?


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Cat, is that you? Goodness, I expected you to be a bit more…well, never mind.

Where on Earth did you get that collar though, Neon?